Man: The core team has more than 15 years experience in oversea business, and deeply understand the application of new machines, technologies and future.

Machine: Equipped with excellent production & inspection machines.

Materials: Most of the raw material is selected from domestic brands, and some subsidiary material is imported from Western Europe.

Method: We follow IATF16949 quality system for product development, process management and quality control.

Environment: XiongZhiGroup takes "progress" as our core value. Position is determined by capability, reward is determined by contribution. We encourage learning at anytime, anywhere by anyone. Carry out internal and external training. Cooperating with local colleges for research. Work with IT companies to customerize ERP and data management system.

· Light weight

Magnesium alloy is light weight, good heat dissipation performance, thermal conductivity is 100 times than PP, anti-electromagnetic interference, good electromagnetic shielding and other characteristics have been widely used in the automotive industry and electronic device. Since 2014, magnesium alloy has been more and more used for seats of European high-speed rail. In the automobile industry, it is also showing an increasing trend. The current consumption of 1% is expected to be 10% in 5 years.

Aluminum alloy has been widely and maturely used in various industries, and XiongZhiGroup has rich experiences in heat sink parts.

Plastic is also widely and maturely used in various industries. XiongZhiGroup is good at interior decoration products for automotive.


XiongZhi promise face-to-face communication with 24 hours within mainland China and Europe.

Besides air freight or ocean shipment, China-Europe train from Wuhan China to Duisburg Germany is another wonderful choice for you.

·Easy & ease

Prototype, mold design and making, shaping, secondary machining services, XiongZhiGroup can easily help you to get it done.

One-stop service starts from sales representative. XiongZhiGroup's growth depends by quality, cost, delivery & service.

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